Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Three ways to improve Bunny Day

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It started on April 1, which was a massive mistake

It is really odd that no one at Nintendo noticed that they were about to start a new event right when a new season hit. I got on that day incredibly excited to start catching new bugs and new fish. I had about a million Sea Butterflies — to the point where I was using them as light fixtures in my home and I needed a change. Imagine my surprise when I jumped into my game and someone in a bunny suit was like, “It’s Easter Time, jerk.” He didn’t say that but you get me.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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"These were all eggs, for the record"

So now, I’m trying to catch new fish and relax and just fill up my museum and make bells but I’m catching more eggs than anything. Even if I use a Nook Ticket to get to a different island, it’s still eggs really making me wonder how far Zipper’s reach extends.

The other reason catching fish is frustrating at this time is because…