Psychic Pokemon make small appearance over Community Day


The Community Day event for Abra may have been delayed for a separate time in the year, but Pokemon GO still used their efforts for trainers to discover more Psychic-type Pokemon.

Pokemon GO users have been stuck in a standstill with the current situation with the pandemic breakout of COVID-19. Every day players of the popular gaming app have had to alter their playing activity with Pokemon GO, whether if you on the brink of finishing a week’s worth of Breakthrough Research or fighting off Rocket GO members and rescuing Pokemon. Recent events with Community Day featuring Abra and the Safari Zone event in St. Louis that were scheduled for March have all been delayed for a later time in the year. The programmers at Niantic are working on new ways for players to interact at home while heeding the warning to the pandemic. This has not stopped new Pokemon to become available in the app in the chance where trainers can catch them. Abra may have not been able to play, but other Pokemon that are Psychic were available.

From Friday, Mar. 27 to Monday evening of Mar. 30, the spawning of Psychic-type Pokemon became more readily available for trainers to catch. The Pokemon available would be in their base form if they have an evolutionary line, for example, Beldum was available with one of the selected Pokemon. Species from the Unova region would be making their debut for the app in this time frame that featured Gothita. The hint where Gothita and the event were going to take place leaked by Pokemon GO on Twitter.

In addition to Psychic-type Pokemon, some more special promotions took place for trainers to take advantage of. More Psychic-types were more available hatching out of two and five-kilometer eggs. Fully evolved Psychic Pokemon were available for trainers to challenge in raids, even more as a possible reward in competitive battles. Small events that featured the exclusive type Pokemon were also highlighted including field research for any trainer to achieve. The concept of the promotions taking place was similar to the ones that actually take place during Community Day. In addition to having Psychic-type Pokemon available, it was almost like Abra did have its own event expanded for a whole weekend.

Niantic and Pokemon GO continue to make opportunities possible for their players to take advantage of during this sensitive time. It has been highly encouraged by health organizations and governing officials that people remain indoors during the spread of COVID-19. The challenges that the players face are the same that the developers of the app are experiencing as well. Future possibility for players to interact with the app while remaining in their homes is an obstacle that Niantic is trying to deal with. Certainly, there will be more possibilities like this for trainers to interact with the app for another short period of time.

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