TFT best team comps: How to play Rebels in Teamfight Tactics

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Follow this guide for a basic breakdown of how to play Rebels in TFT: Galaxies. Rebels are one of the strongest comps in Set 3.

TFT: Galaxies is probably the most balanced of the previous sets in Teamfight Tactics, but as the weeks have gone on, stronger team comps have emerged. One of those comps is Rebels.

Rebels is a pretty straightforward build at its core but provides a ton of flexibility and is viable throughout the entire game. Its synergy with a number of 5-gold cost units, also makes it one of the strongest late game comps.

The most common end game comp for Rebels is centered aroudn Aurelion Sol and Gangplank. A traditional eight champion Rebels team looks like this at the end:

  • Ziggs (Rebel / Demolitionst)- 1g
  • Sona (Rebel/Mystic)- 2g
  • Yasuo – (Rebel / Blademaster) – 2g
  • Master Yi (Rebel / Blademaster) – 3g
  • Jinx (Rebel / Blaster) – 4g
  • Aurelion Sol (Rebel / Starship) – 5g
  • Gangplank (Space Pirate / Mercenary / Demolitionist) – 5g
  • Lulu (Celestial / Mystic) – 5g

This team comp will provide you with the following trait bonuses:

  • 6x Rebel (At start of combat, each adjacent Rebel gains 225 Health Shield and 12% Increased damage for 8 seconds)
  • 2x Mystic (Team gains 30 Magic Resist)
  • 2x Demolitionist (Demolitionist spells stun targets they hit for 1.5 seconds)
  • 1 Starship (Starships continuously circle the arena and cannot basic attack)

As I mentioned, putting together a team of six Rebels isn’t hard. However, getting to the final end game comp can prove a little tricky as it involves rotating champions in and out.

Early game (levels 1-5)

Early game, look to pick up Ziggs, Sona, Malphite and Yasuo. Any of these three will give you a strong start with the 3x Rebel bonus.

Ziggs will be your primary item holder for Aurelion Sol. These items are good for him:

  • Guardian Angel (Chain Vest + BF Sword)
  • Morellonomicon (Needlessly Large Rod + Giant’s Belt)
  • Seraph’s Embrace (Tear of the Goddess x2)
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap (Needlessly Large Rod x2)

At level 4, look to add another Rebel or a Brawler (Blitzcrank). Adding a Brawler will give Malphite additional health to start the round.

At level 5, add a Shen to give your team a Chrono bonus (All allies gain 15% bonus attack speed every 4 seconds).

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Mid game (level 6)

At mid game, level 6, you can either play six Rebels or a hybrid. Your comp should look like this:

  • Malphite
  • Ziggs
  • Master Yi
  • Yasuo
  • Shen
  • Blitzcrank

Look to stack Master Yi or Yasuio with items that you can transfer to Gangplank late game:

  • Guardian Angel (Chain Vest +BF Sword)
  • Hand of Justice (Sparring Gloves + Tear of the Goddess)

Remember to clump your units together so that they get the Rebel bonus. Put Ziggs in the middle and surround. The goal is to survive until level 8.

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Late game (levels 7-9)

Here’s where the fun starts. At level 7, look to pick up Jinx. This should give you a strong 6 Rebel boost.

At level 8, it’s time to pick swap out units. Look to add Aurelion Sol and/or Gangplank in place of Blitzcrank and Shen.

If you add Aurelion Sol, sell your Ziggs to give him the items. However make sure you have another Ziggs on your bench to replace him with. This will keep your Demolitionist buff for when you get Gangplank.

When you add Gangplank, sell either the Master Yi or Yasuo with the items and give them to Gangplank. You’ll also want a second on the bench to replace them with.

As your final 8th unit, try and add a second Mysic. Lulu is ideal but you can also go with Soraka if you can’t find her.