Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Similar games to play if you don’t own a Switch

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2. Dragon Quest Builders 2

After you invest so much time in building a town and making it a stable, lovely place, sometimes you want to move on to somewhere new with new people and challenges. While that certainly is possible with Animal Crossing, it usually means erasing everything you have done and starting completely fresh.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 says no to that idea. Each stage is a different town you have to build up with its own inhabitants that come to stay, unique resources and buildings to harvest and make, so it’s different every time. Even better, the villagers that come to live in your newly built town can and will help you make it better and even help defend it from monster attacks.

The colorful characters you come to love and the gathering of resources and building certainly help put Dragon Quest Builders 2 in a similar vein to Animal Crossing, but I think what really puts it over the top is the absolutely absurd sense of humor. Most of these games don’t take themselves very seriously, but both Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest Builders 2 revel in the absolutely absurd and also have a great ability to make you laugh just through having your own unique fun. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is arguably the closest you can get to that same experience in terms of building up a town from pretty much nothing, exploring a world, meeting memorable characters, and enjoying absurdist humor you won’t find in most other games.