Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Similar games to play if you don’t own a Switch

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3. My Time at Portia

One of the most amazing aspects of Animal Crossing is that there is a truly astounding amount of things to do and events going on. You might run out of things if you are playing for 12 hours a day, but there’s something new almost every day you visit your town — whether you discover something, meet someone new, build something or participate in a town event.

The combat is certainly part of the game as you do need to participate in some for certain resources and to advance the story but it’s hardly a focus. If you aren’t into that, the participation is somewhat minimal.

My Time at Portia has a similar vibe going for it. There is just tons to see and do, and you can pretty much tackle it at your own pace.

Sure, there’s a post-apocalyptic element to it, but it’s mostly an excuse to have you build a town from the ground up. It’s hard to say if it’s deeper in a lot of building and crafting aspects than Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the latter isn’t out yet, but the systems are all super deep and guaranteed to keep you busy for dozens of hours. There’s also the colorful type of folks you might associate with a game in the Animal Crossing series and you build deeper relationships with them than you would in the Nintendo offerings.