Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Similar games to play if you don’t own a Switch

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is nearly upon us, but you may not be able to play it right away for a variety of reasons. So here are five alternatives most people should be able to enjoy on most platforms.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is almost here! We are less than two weeks away from, what will be for many people, the biggest game of the year (and it’s only March!).

However, not everyone will be able to enjoy building their island paradise into a thriving community with their animal neighbors. Maybe you don’t have a Switch and can’t afford to get a new console and a fully-priced new release right now. Not to worry, here are five games available on multiple platforms that should give you a similar gaming fix:

5. Undertale

At first, Undertale may appear to have little to nothing in common with a game like Animal Crossing. One is an RPG with a bunch of wacky characters and secret endings. The other is a community-building sim where you fish and owe lots of money to a raccoon for long periods of time.

However different they may be in gameplay, there is far more in common with these two games than a quick glance would have you believe. They are both filled with a wonderfully weird cast of characters you won’t soon forget, and there’s a certain trait of whimsy to each.

The end results are much more extreme in Undertale. Like Animal Crossing, a lot is determined by your actions and behavior. In both games, you can be a kind, friendly helpful person to the characters you encounter or be a complete jerk. You behavior does affect things.

Both games also contain a multitude of secrets you are likely to uncover if you just play them very straightforwardly. You have to be willing to experiment and think outside the box to get the best experience out of them. In those ways, Undertale and Animal Crossing actually have quite a bit in common so fans of either should check out the other game if they haven’t already.