Final Fantasy VII Remake demo: How to unlock the secret ending

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Did you know the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo has a special ending? Here’s how to unlock it extra cutscene.

On Monday, Square Enix released a brief, but impressive demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. The demo basically covers the first hour or so of the game. More specifically, it’s the Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission.

Anyone who has played the original Final Fantasy VII game probably vividly remembers this iconic mission, which involves breaking into the Shinra Electric Power Company, fighting the giant Scorpion Sentinel and escaping before the entire place explodes into smithereens. The demo did a good job of showing off the new mechanics in the Final Fantasy VII remake and it’s just enough of a taste to leave us wanting more.

But did you know there is a secret ending? Well, it’s not so much of an “ending” as it is a special teaser that plays after after the sizzle reel.

How to unlock the “secret ending” to the Final Fantasy VII remake demo

Unlocking the secret ending in the demo is actually super easy and only requires you to do one thing towards the end. When it’s time to set the timer for the explosive charge, you can choose from 20 minutes or 30 minutes. This is basically how long you’ll have to escape before the whole thing goes up.

On the surface, selecting either time will only result in a different line from Barret. Select 30 minutes and he’ll tease, “Hah! That long enough for you?” Selecting 20 minutes and he says, “Pretty cocky, ain’t you?”

You’re going to want to select the 20 minutes option as this is the one that unlocks the “secret ending,” or rather the brief cutscene at the end. For those of you unfamiliar with this mission, 20 minutes should be more than enough time to escape before the bomb explodes, so don’t worry.

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Once you beat the demo, you’ll get to watch a sizzle reel. After the  logo, the secret ending cutscene will play. Again, for those who have played the original game, you probably have a good idea for what’s happening in the cutscene. Without getting too into spoilers for newcomers, it’s basically Cloud experiencing a brief flashback sequence of a suppressed memory.

If you’re interested in watching the extra scene but don’t want to replay the entire demo, you can find it here. Final Fantasy VII remake releases on PlayStation 4 on April 10.