Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Age of Rebellion update brings new reinforcements, weapons and maps

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Each of the four classes in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be receiving a new blaster, complete with modifications, that are able to be uses no matter the Star Wars era you’re playing as.

The Assault class gets the E-11D medium-range rifle, with modifications that can reduce recoil, a flashlight that can show enemies when zooming in, and a single fire mode. The Heavy class gets the T-21 short-range heavy blaster. It has a low rate of fire but packs a punch. The mods for the T-21 give you a three-shot burst fire mode, less recoil but reduced damage, and a scope for better zoom.

The Officer class gets the DL-18 short-range blaster (used by Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels). It has a fast rate of fire with mode to improve the blaster’s cooling, reduce the spread, and add a repeating fire mode. Finally, the Specialist gets the Cycler Rifle. Mods give the ability to cycle between two zoom levels, reduce the weapon’s recoil, and improve its cooling.