Star Wars Battlefront 2: The Age of Rebellion update brings new reinforcements, weapons and maps

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The Age of Rebellion update for Star Wars Battlefront 2 arrived today, and with it came a tons of new features, including Co-Op locations, Reinforcements, Blasters, Capital Ships and more.

The team behind Star Wars Battlefront 2 has steadily improved the game since a rocky start surrounded by legal battles and loot boxes. Since then, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has changed for the better. It’s become a really solid shooter with a communicative and supportive community. Today’s The Age of Rebellion update brings players back into the original trilogy and further improves the game with numerous AI, UI and hero improvements, but the meat of the update gives the community some pretty big features they’ve been asking for.


The first of those features are two new Reinforcements options that are Infiltrators — the Ewok Hunter and the ISB Agent (you’ll recognize the uniform and helmet that Agent Kallus wears in Star Wars Rebels). Introduced back in Ewok Hunt, it’s about time I can take on the Empire as a cute and cuddly, Yub-Nub speaking teddy bear.

The Ewok Hunter is armed with a Hunter’s Bow that can zoom in and be drawn longer to increase the speed and damage of your arrow, or it can be fired using its default zoom. Because it is a more stealthy weapon than a blaster, the Ewok Hunter doesn’t appear on enemy scanners when firing the bow.

The Ewok Hunter has an ability called Valiant Horn that, when blown, improves the attacks and damage resistance of the Ewok. Another ability has you toss a Wisties Pouch, which damages and disorients affected foes. Finally, Hunter’s Instinct allows the Ewok to uncover nearby enemies.

For the Empire, the ISB Agent dual wields RK-3 blasters deal out tons of damage in close to medium range and can be overcharged into a longer ranged Power Blast. The ISB Agent’s Assault Training ability increases her speed and reduces incoming damage while sprinting. The Imperial Intel ability will reveal enemies nearby, and will increase the amount of revealed enemies by killing opponents while it’s active. Finally, Double Your Effort will regenerate allies’ base health.