Safari Zone event to take place in Liverpool for Pokemon GO


An announcement from Niantic about Pokemon GO and the next Safari Zone event will take place in Liverpool, England. Regional Pokemon not found in the area will be available for a limited time only and trainers participating will be in for a surprise!

Niantic has announced that their next Pokemon GO Safari Zone event will take place in Liverpool. This is the second event that Niantic was announced for trainers to gather and participate in. The first event of the year will be held in St. Louis, Missouri that has tickets still available for the last weekend in March. The Safari Zone event in Liverpool will follow a month later, with the promise of future events to happen more frequently this year.

There will be featured Pokemon available in the region that normally does not spawn in the area. Relicanth will spawn more often in Liverpool, a Pokemon that is regionally exclusive to New Zealand and the South Pacific. Unown will also make an appearance, as it normally does during these exclusive events for the Safari Zone weekend. Unown will appear in the letter ‘V’ form, it is unclear if any other letter will be available during the event.

The Safari Zone event will have an enhanced feature with the City Explorer Pass. During the three day weekend, trainers exploring the city of Liverpool will have the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive raids held all over the city. Trainers with the Explorer Pass will also be able to hatch exclusive eggs and field research that will reward the trainer that is completely separate from the Safari Zone. The pricing for the ticket will be at £8 separate from the actual price of the Safari Zone. Those who participate in the Safari Zone and do not purchase the ticket for City Explorer will not be able to fully participate in the bonus features.

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Events in both St. Louis and Liverpool are set to be enjoyable experiences for trainers who are seeking the thrill of adventure. The success of past Safari Zone events has been a hit, especially for trainers to take advantage of from all over the world. Since these events are so close to each other in the calendar year, there is the possibility for more Safari Zone events to be decided all over the world. For now, trainers will enjoy the first events of spring that Niantic has offered Pokemon GO players.

The event will take place from Apr. 17-19 in Liverpool. They are also available on the Pokemon GO website here for you to purchase. Tickets for the event are available within the app for players to purchase. Pricing for tickets begin at £21.60 for early access to the event. General admission for the Safari Zone is £14.30 for trainers to participate.