Warframe: How to farm for and build Oberon Prime

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Oberon Prime, the Primed variant of the Oberon warframe, is now available. Follow this guide to farm for the relics and build Oberon Prime.

Oberon Prime is available as of today’s Prime Vault 27.1.1 update for Warframe. The Primed variant of Oberon can now be purchased from the Prime Vault or, alternatively, can be farmed for in-game. The latter option may take a bit more time, but you’ll ultimately save money.

If you choose to farm for Oberon Prime, simply follow this guide for the best way to grind for the required relics. Speaking of relics, here are the ones you’ll need for Oberon Prime’s Blueprint and the required components.

Blueprint – Lith S9 (uncommon)

The Oberon Prime Blueprint has about an 11% chance in Lith S9 relics. The best place to farm these are Hepit in the Void. It’s a quick capture mission that guarantees a Lith relic each time. You’ll have a 12.5% chance of obtaining the required Lith relic.

Neuroptics – Meso 04 (rare)

One option to farm for Meso relics is the capture mission Ukko; however, the drop rate is pretty low here. You’re best bet is to complete bounties in Cetus (Plains of Eidolon) or Fortuna (Orb Vallis). Tier 3 bounties will drop Meso relics.

Chassis – Lith T3 (common)

Once again, you can farm for Lith relics by completing Hepit in the Void.

Systems – Neo N11 (uncommon)

Similar to Meso relics, your best bet is to complete bounties in Cetus or Fortuna. Tier 4 bounties will drop Neo relics.

Once you have the required components, here are the manufacturing requirements:


  • 15,000 credits
  • 10 control module
  • 4,000 alloy plate
  • 1,500 circuits
  • 2 nitrain extract


  • 15,000 credits
  • 3 gallium
  • 100 oxium
  • 1,250 rubedo
  • 7,500 salvage


  • 15,000 credits
  • 2 argon crystal
  • 250 plastids
  • 6,000 nano spores
  • 1,250 polymer bundle

As the Prime variant, Oberon Prime has higher armor (225 vs. 150), higher energy (175/262 vs 150/225) compared to the original Oberon warframe.

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Oberon Prime arrives alongside Nekros Prime as two forces in eternal balance. Thankfully, both Prime warframes require similar relics so it’s possible you could farm for both at once.