12 must-play games you slept on in 2019

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Shovel Knight: King of Cards – December

Shovel Knight came out a long time ago in the distant year of 2014. With it came a promise of a lot of extensive DLC content I honestly didn’t think much of it until it started releasing and each one not only added a whole new layer to the story but creative characters that completely changed the way the game was made, essentially making it an entirely new game each time.

In December, the last DLC came out for the seven-year-old game. Shovel Knight: King of Cards not only gave you the chance to play as King Knight but you get a weird bit of side story you didn’t get access too. A weird flying ship where you collect all the game’s bizarre side story and a really fun collectible card game much like Final Fantasy 8‘s Triple Triad round out an incredibly solid drop.

Fun fact: They added so many new things with this DLC that it takes place on an entirely new map.

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In closing…

…these are some of my favorite titles I felt like people slept on in 2019. There were definitely more but I’m honestly happy enough you made it this far. Got any other suggestions? Drop them in the comments and hope this helps fill the dead zone.