12 must-play games you slept on in 2019

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My Time at Portia – April

This one really surprised me everyone slept on it. Take the farming and romance elements from Stardew Valley, the cute aesthetics and happiness of Animal Crossing and then mix in a lot more heart and a society of people just trying to survive after some strange war screwed up the world and you got My Time at Portia.

There is so much to do in this game and the calendar of events and ever-growing world gives you things to do for days. You want to wake up one day and just go mining for artifacts? Great. You want to crawl into a dungeon and fight a boss? Of course. You want to help Alice and her younger brother get money together so they can live a better life? You better.

Seriously, if you’re thirsty for Animal Crossing and you can’t wait, throw this in.

Dauntless – May

Epic’s Fortnite was a game changing phenomenon. Monster Hunter World was Capcom’s best-selling game Capcom has ever made (and they made Street Fighter). So how was it in a month where almost nothing happened in gaming no one got into this?

Epic’s Dauntless has the same love and attention they put into Fortnite but instead of battle royale you team up with other people and take down some incredibly creative monsters. At first I thought this was going to be a straight up Monster Hunter ripoff but the monsters are creative, diverse and do a lot of things I’ve never seen a Monster Hunter critter pull off.

Also it’s free-to-play. So will someone please tell me why I’m still waiting forever to get a match going?