12 must-play games you slept on in 2019

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The early portion of the year is pretty slow for new game releases, so here are 12 sleeper-hit games from 2019 that you should definitely play now.

Right off the bat, I work in gaming retail. I won’t say which company lest they send a DaVinci Code-esque assassin after me but I’ve worked in gaming retail for so long I have both a shirt letting you know when Final Fantasy 7 (the original) comes out and a vest with a giraffe on the front and the phrase “Ask me about Virtual Boy” on the back. I wish I was kidding.

But one thing I’ve learned is that even if a game gets hyped people will sleep on it. And since now the games industry has slowed to a crawl and almost all big titles have been pushed back as if a tide has rolled out, let’s revisit some games from 2019 that I know for a fact a lot of people slept on.

Get off your mattress, you’re sleeping on these. Oh, and for the record, I’m doing one for each month because each month last year had a significant one. Strap in.

Fitness Boxing (Nintendo Switch) – January

I got this game as a gift for myself first thing in 2019. I used to box so I thought it would be a cool thing. Turns out it’s an incredibly useful weight loss tool. In two weeks I started feeling a lot better and at the end of the first month I actually had visual changes to my arms (positive ones, don’t worry).

What’s weird though is that while this game sold so heavily in Japan that the company could not keep up with production, it will not move in the states. I have pleaded with people looking to lose some weight to try this and just can’t.

Give it a shot. Not only is it incredibly useful but it plays like a rhythm game where you punch out combinations to familiar pop songs.