PS5 vs Xbox Series X: 5 must-have features for the next-gen consoles

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Little has been revealed about the next generation of consoles, but here are the five features we think the PS5 and Xbox Series X need to have.

The next generation of consoles is almost within our grasp. Near the end of this year, we will have the PS5 and Xbox Series X to play all of the latest games on.

Now, Microsoft and Sony have been tightly lipped about the features of their next-gen consoles. Sony has released a few features about their controller, and Microsoft has revealed the form factor, controller, and some other minor details.

Both of these consoles will be battling it out later this year, but they both need the following five features to feel like a modern console. Without these features, either of these consoles may get left behind. Additionally, some of these features have been confirmed for at least one console. The other will need the same feature in order to compete.

Sony has a major head start on Microsoft due to the PS4. Since the launch of their respective consoles in 2013, Microsft has been playing catch up. Microsoft has made massive leaps forward in their console’s ecosystem and first-party lineup. So, here is what both developers need on their next-gen consoles.

Consumer-Friendly Ecosystem

Xbox Game Pass PC


Without a player base, neither company would have successful consoles. As aforementioned, Microsoft has made a lot of changes to its Xbox One platform in terms of hardware and software. As a result, Microsoft arguably has the best gaming ecosystem.

Xbox Game Pass allows players to have access to hundreds of games, including a variety of first-party Xbox titles. The program is only $9.99 a month, but we recommend getting Game Pass Ultimate.

Game Pass Ultimate features access to the game pass library on the console and PC, and it gives players Xbox Live. These features help players play more games without breaking the bank. Furthermore, Xbox is bringing first-party games to other platforms like the Switch and Steam. These changes to how consumers can play their games help them in so many ways.

Sony isn’t doing as well in this area, but they are getting there. PlayStation Now is a similar service that is available on PC, but it doesn’t offer the same excellent perks. So, this is where Sony needs to improve moving forward with the PS5. Microsoft can also improve its ecosystem and will most likely do so. Either way, a consumer-friendly ecosystem will improve the lives of all kinds of gamers.

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