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Metroid Prime 4 – Release Date: TBD (To Be Determined)

Nintendo hasn’t released a proper Metroid game since the 2017 3DS title Metroid: Samus Returns, and that game was just a (fantastic) remake of the 1991 Game Boy title Metroid II: Return of Samus. Moreover, Nintendo released the Wii exclusive Metroid Prime III: Corruption, the last Metroid Prime game, back in 2007. Rumors of a new Metroid Prime game persisted for years, but it wasn’t until Nintendo’s 2017 E3 Direct Presentation that Nintendo confirmed the game was finally being developed with a teaser trailer.

News on Metroid Prime 4 largely remained quiet until January 2019, when Nintendo announced (in a refreshingly transparent move) that development hasn’t met Nintendo’s high standards, resulting in the game being redeveloped from the ground up. While the decision was disappointing for fans, a bit of hopeful news came with the announcement that Retro Studios (the studio that developed the original Metroid Prime trilogy) would take over all development duties from Namco Bandai.

Unfortunately, all these factors suggest that Metroid Prime 4 will not see a 2020 release date. However, there is a strong possibility that Nintendo will at least update the game’s development sometime late in the year.