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Bravely Default II – Release Date: 2020

Although the game’s title betrays the fact that it’s technically the third game in the series (after Bravely Second: End Layer), Bravely Default II is in high anticipation for RPG fans. The two previous entries were both released on the 3DS, a system that lent itself well to Japanese Role-Playing Games (JRPG).

The same development team was also responsible for the incredible Octopath Traveler, perhaps one of the best JRPGs to come out in the last decade. Developers enhanced the familiar turn-based active battle system with new gameplay mechanics, including the deep “job” system and the use of “Brave Points.” Players can use”Brave Points” in many ways, including the potential to take multiple turns in a single round and executing more powerful abilities.

The series creators wanted to make the game playable for all players, including new and casual gamers. An example of this approach is the adjustable gameplay settings, including the ability to decide the enemy encounter rate.

JRPGs have typically not seen the same levels of success in North America when compared to the Japanese market. However, Bravely Default’s success proved to Square Enix that there is a market for JRPG gamers in North America. Despite the series success, Square Enix has elected to keep the Bravely Default series (for now) exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Nintendo has Bravely Default II scheduled to release this year, but any further details will likely be revealed in a future Nintendo Direct.