Nintendo Switch: Sneak peek at 6 exclusives coming in 2020 and beyond

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Nintendo Switch - Black Friday 2019
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2020 will be another exciting year for Nintendo Switch owners, especially with all the confirmed Switch exclusives slated for release this year (or possibly beyond).

2020 is already lining up as a big year for video games, with several big games like Doom Eternal and Final Fantasy VII Remake set to release this year. 2020 will also see the release of Microsoft and Sony’s newest consoles late in the year.

While Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles will likely headline this year in gaming, Nintendo continues to focus on growing the Nintendo Switch library with quality titles. The Switch library continues to grow more and more impressive, especially with an abundant amount of third-party support, something Nintendo has usually struggled with since the days of the Nintendo 64.

Nintendo released several great titles in 2019 like Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Luigi’s Mansion 3. For 2020, Nintendo looks to continue its momentum with several exclusive Switch titles on the horizon. Some titles are (tentatively) confirmed for a 2020 release, but most of the games listed here could always be pushed back to 2021 or later. Here’s a sneak peek of several upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusives.