Death Stranding: How to gain tons of likes quickly: Build roads!

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In Death Stranding, ‘Likes’ from other players will help increase your Bridge Link which, in turn, raises your Porter Grade. Here’s the best way to earn likes quickly.

Death Stranding is largely a single-player experience, but there’s a unique social system in which you can passively interact with and connect to other players. It’s called “Bridge Link,” and it’s a mechanic in which you earn “Likes” from other players by building useful structures that can aid others in their journey.

Bridge Link is one of five categories that you can raise in the game that effectively helps rank up Sam’s Porter Grade. It’s also the only one that can be increased without delivery. Bridge Link instead relies on likes from other players. The other four — Delivery Time, Delivery Volume, Cargo Condition and Miscellaneous —  are only influenced by completing deliveries (Orders for Sam and Standard Orders).

Raising Sam’s Porter Grade unlocks various passive bonuses that can help you on your journey. And while raising the four categories happens pretty naturally as you progress through the game and take deliveries, you can get a boost to your Porter Grade early on by getting likes from other players. So how do you do it?

You know the popular saying from Back to the Future; “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Well, that’s not the case for Death Stranding. Building roads is the quickest way to gain massive likes.

Roads in Death Stranding provide the safest form of travel for players through the Central Region. Not only are you safe from MULEs, but the battery for your Trike or Skeleton won’t be drained while traveling on them. Roads are incredibly useful in Death Stranding and almost every player will use them. That’s why its the best way to earn massive likes.

When a player travels on a road you have helped build, you’ll automatically receive a like. Even if you didn’t build the entire road by yourself, if you contributed, you’ll get a like.

You can first start building roads upon arriving at Lake Knot City. You’ll notice a series of structures called “Auto-Pavers.” These require Chiral Crystals, Metals and Ceramics, and usually a lot of them.

Thankfully, building roads is a team effort. You don’t need to supply all of the materials. However, the more you contribute towards a road’s construction, the more likes you’ll get form players using that road.

You’ll obviously want to contribute as soon as possible to road development, especially in places near the Knot Cities and distribution centers, as well as areas that cross over rivers and other dangerous terrains.

Once a road that you’ve contributed to is built, you’ll start to notice your total likes increasing. Points are tallied with the latest likes at the end of every completed delivery.

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While roads are the most effective way to gain massive likes, they aren’t the only way. Other PCC Structures, like Postboxes, Bridges, Generators, Timefall Shelters and Safe Houses are also very useful and can get you tons of likes if placed in a good location. Well-placed ladders, climbing anchors and zip lines to help traverse dangerous terrain will also get you likes.