The best Sonic the Hedgehog video games of all-time

Paramount, Sega
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Sonic Adventure 2 – 1998 – Sega Dreamcast

While many gamers and critics hold Sonic Adventure in high regard, it’s always been a game that polarized me. The temperamental camera presented several gameplay issues which included screen-obscuring objects that caused so many mistimed jumps for me. It also focused more on the story itself than the overall gameplay, which slowed the gameplay down too much for me (especially for a Sonic game).

Sonic Adventure was a decent game for the Dreamcast, but I can’t say it was one of Sonic’s best outings. However, the game’s financial success convinced Sega to develop Sonic Adventure 2.

Released shortly after Sega discontinued the Dreamcast, Sonic Adventure 2 was a fitting farewell to Sega’s time as a console developer. It was an instant improvement over the first game’s issues, including a more functional camera system that improved the overall gameplay experience. The game’s visuals were incredible, paired with a high frame rate that resulted in smoother action while moving at breakneck speed.

The game thankfully gained a “second life” when Sega released Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on former rival Nintendo’s GameCube console, where it became one of the GameCube’s top ten best-selling games. Sonic Adventure 2 stood out as a polished gem despite Sega’s transition out of hardware development. The title’s continued success on the GameCube spoke volumes on the game’s overall quality.