Madden scores big on FanSided 250 despite its bugs and flaws

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EA’s Madden was ranked 58th on this year’s FanSided 250, a shocking placement considering how far the franchise has fallen.

2019’s FanSided 250 list is filled with surprises, but perhaps none are as unexpected as the placement of EA’s Madden franchise. Only nine games made the overall list and Madden was ranked the second-highest among them, checking in at 58 overall. It’s a shockingly high placement considering just how far the franchise has fallen in recent years.

I’m not arguing Madden‘s popularity as a franchise. It combines two of America’s most favorite things: football and video games. These are two topics with both passionate and enthusiastic fanbases. Put them together and you’ve got the ultimate fandom.

Every year, Madden is one of the most anticipated sports games. From the cover athlete announcement to the Super Bowl prediction, Madden has become a staple in our sports culture. I mean, can you think of any other game that is known for its “curse” on players?

Beyond the hype, Madden gives football fans a chance to live out their dreams — to see their favorite team hoist the Lombardi trophy. Through Connected Franchise Mode, you can rebuild your favorite team into a Super Bowl contender. Yes, even you, Browns fans.

Given football’s popularity in America, I’m not surprised to see Madden so high on the list. Yes, Madden is popular, but not because it’s a good game. It’s popular because it’s our only choice if you love football and want to play a game with NFL branding.

Thanks to exclusive licensing deals, there’s no other competition in the football gaming space. Madden is all we’ve got and perhaps its this lack of competition that has led to the franchise going down the tubes.

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Year after year, football fans put up with glitches and bugs in Madden. Social media is filled with clips of crazy game-breaking bugs that are so frustrating all you can do is laugh. But beyond gameplay, EA’s continued focus on Ultimate Team as a revenue stream has led to other fan-favorite modes, like Connected Franchise, being shoved by the wayside.

While it may not be the most lucrative game mode for EA, franchise mode is incredibly important to football fans. We want to play as our favorite franchise and experience what we may never see in real life. To see EA continuously ignore CFM year after year is a disappointment.

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Based on FanSided 250, Madden clearly has a strong following. Perhaps we should use this voice to encourage EA to finally pay attention to the modes that need some love.