Into the Unknown: New Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC trailer drops with release date

Sora appears in a world inspired by Frozen in this Kingdom Hearts III trailer from E3 2018 (via Square-Enix).
Sora appears in a world inspired by Frozen in this Kingdom Hearts III trailer from E3 2018 (via Square-Enix). /

The Kingdom Hearts series gets its first-ever DLC with ReMind for Kingdom Hearts III, coming early next year.

After an incredibly long wait — 14 years to be exact — fans got to finally experience the third proper chapter of the Kingdom Hearts series with Kingdom Hearts III releasing earlier this year. There have been some spin-offs and re-releases in-between, but this was the mainline entry fans were really waiting for.

But rather than a conclusion, Kingdom Hearts III is just another chapter in the story, so what is next? Hopefully, we don’t have too long a wait until a Kingdom Hearts IV but in the meantime, we are getting some story DLC for the third chapter, the first in the franchise’s history, titled ReMind.

ReMind is a story that actually takes place during the climax of Kingdom Hearts III. The DLC may go a little beyond that but don’t expect this to be a lengthy epilogue to the events of the main game or anything like that. So while the story elements taking place might be a little confusing (hardly a first for a Kingdom Hearts game), there are a couple of important things we know that will be in ReMind — things that fans wanted in the third game and didn’t get.

The first being that the Kingdom Hearts series is supposed to be a cross between Final Fantasy and Disney. Characters from Final Fantasy have been an important part of the series since the beginning but were nowhere to be found in the latest game aside from Moogles running item shops. A new trailer for ReMind dropped yesterday, showing characters from Square Enix’s top franchise, so hopefully, it will explain what they’ve been up to during that time.

Secondly, Kairi, the series most prominent woman protagonist, has kind of been given the short shrift over the course of the series. Kingdom Hearts III seemed like it might finally be where she got a real chance to come into her own and shine, and maybe you could even play as her. That did not happen, but the trailer clearly shows that you will get to do that in ReMind.

The trailer, which dropped ahead of The Game Awards and PlayStation’s State of Play events, has since been removed and is not posted on the official Square Enix or Kingdom Hearts YouTube channels. You can, however, view a user-uploaded version here.

We also have an official description from the trailer, courtesy of IGN. Be warned, there are some spoilers.

"“Re Mind – the other tale that unfolded during the climax of KINGDOM HEARTS III. Determined to rescue Kairi, Sora travels to the Keyblade Graveyard a short time before the final battle was to take place. Lacking a corporeal form, he traces the hearts of the seven guardians of light. Through experiencing their personal battles firsthand, Sora is about to discover truths that he has never before imagined.”"

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ReMind will also feature some new modes to play around with such as a photo mode, slideshow mode, and modes that aren’t explained by name alone such as “fastpass mode” and “Black Code”. Remind will release on January 23 for PS4 and February 25 for Xbox One. Kingdom Hearts III is available for both PS4 and Xbox One now.