31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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4. Titanfall/Apex Legends – Leviathans

The Titanfall universe is full of numerous creatures. In the first game, a map named Boneyard was full of dragon flyers and massive creatures are known as leviathans. These creatures were native to the planet and required repulsor towers to keep them from trampling over the military bases. We see these towers destroyed by Crypto in season 2 of Apex Legends. Leviathans are scary because of their immense size.

Leviathans, from what we can tell, do not actively seek out things to destroy. They are simply walking along and do not care what they step on. That is a horrifying scenario. Imagine being killed by an animal that has no intention of harming you. That is an insane amount of power that we are happy to not have on this planet. In the Titanfall universe, these creatures are so big they can affect the trajectory of jump coordinates.

5. Gears 5 – The Warden

Gears 5 released with a bang this year and left players with a lot to chew on. Enemy variety in the Gears franchise has never been dull. That is in great part to the ever-evolving enemy. In Gears 5, we get even more types of enemies and one of them is a mace wielding menace. The Warden is no simple swarm enemy. He stands well over six feet tall while wielding two breaker maces and metal helmet. This lumbering giant is not easy to kill for several reasons.

The Warden has crystalized skin that deflects gunfire. His metal helmet does the same, but will eventually fall off. He will also continue to jump toward you and slam both maces down in hopes of turning you to jelly. His attacks are hard to dodge, but if you manage to get him distracted, aim for the head. That is the only place you can deal damage. React quickly because you may not get another chance.