31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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2. Batman: Arkham Series – Joker

Joker is Batman’s most iconic villain. He rightly has taken his place as the most menacing too because of how deceptive and insane the character is. Joaquin Phoenix does an exceptional job of portraying the character in Joker, but Mark Hamill brings the character to life in the games. The Joker is a determined and sly character. His deformation and face paint make this character stand out from the rest of the villains.

Where Joker becomes scary is his immense power over the city of Gotham, yet he has a lack of superpowers. The scariest aspects of video games are grounded facets that could happen. Joker’s personality and devious ways are real-world possibilities. The way he controls his goons and his feelings toward Batman are everyday feelings people have. That is an unfortunate reality we live in, but nonetheless, it is true. That is why he is such a terrifying character within the series.

3. Warframe – Infested

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Science fiction games are known for their in virus or parasite type creatures. The Halo series has The Flood and Dead Space has Necromorphs. The overabundant virus/parasite creature concept does not make them any less horrifying. Warframe‘s version is known as the Infested. These creatures are similar to the aforementioned parasites in that they take over already living beings. In the Warframe universe, Grineer and Corpus are taken over by this parasite.

Infested are unique in that they can also take over the technology of other species. These creatures take over their hosts in unimaginable ways. Some can continue to use their host’s weapons while others revert to melee attacks. The Infested have also been known to create brand new weapons by infesting commonly used ones. These species are also known to take over Tenno in which case it can be a very powerful foe.