31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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26. Tomb Raider – Stormguard Stalker

2013 saw the return of Lara Croft as the Tomb Raider. With her, we saw the return of the great threats she is used to facing. In older games, she has fought off tyrannosaurus rex, but she is now facing off against undead samurai soldiers. The leader of those soldiers, the Stormguard Stalker, is a massive armored enemy Lara has to fight at the end of the game.

Throughout the game, the Stalker is teased several times. He seems to always pass Larua up because she is strategically placed, but she is not so lucky at the end. He is well over six feet tall and requires to be shot in the back where he bares no armor. Lara must also watch out for the spiked club that will crush her skull if she is not careful. The Stormguard Stalker is a monstrous enemy to face in Tomb Raider.

27. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Garm

Hellblade is full of terrifying creatures and environments, but Garm certainly takes the cake. Garm is what appears to be a giant rotting boar creature. Parts of its body are covered in rotting flesh while other parts clearly show white bone. It keeps to the darkness in order to surprise Senua. Before the big fight, Senua must stick to well-lit areas or Garm will surely kill her.

Garm is monstrous and is the second biggest enemy in the game. He is slow at times during combat but can deal a massive amount of damage if you are not careful. Senua must be smart and dodge his attacks from darkness or she will surely be swept up in failure. Garm is a disgusting looking creature in which many of us would have no chance against.