31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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18. Hunt: Showdown – Immolator

Hunt: Showdown is full of messed up creatures. Last year, the boss, The Spider, made it onto our list. This year, the Immolator takes the spot. Immolators were once human and have gone underneath a fiery transformation. At first glance, they are walking corpses with embers pealing away from their skin. If they are aggravated at all, the become scorching nuisances.

Immolators can be dispatched easily with blunt melee damage. However, if their thin skin is punctured then they erupt into a fiery blaze. Fire is extremely powerful in the world of Hunt: Showdown which makes these creatures extremely dangerous. Additionally, if you alert more than one at a time then you better start running for the hills.

19. Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Lynel

Similar to Hunt: Showdown, Breath of the Wild features several types of creatures. None of them are as messed up a those in the aforementioned game, but that doesn’t make them any less scary. Those we fear the most are Lynels. Lynels are massive creatures who can take one hell of a beating. They can also dish it out too.

If players are not careful, a Lynel can dispatch Link in seconds. Breath of the Wild is full of variations that only add to the difficulty. These creatures can even teleport to flee or chase Link. No matter what, it is a powerful ability to have. Lynels also look quite intimidating. They have such great stature anyone would be intimidated to face.