5 truly terrifying horror games from 2019 to play this Halloween

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Man of Medan
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Supermassive Games, the developers behind Until Dawn, released one of the best horror games back in August called Man of Medan. This game is the first of eight anthology games. For those of you who did not play Until Dawn, both of these games heavily feature decision making for each character. Players need to decide what they will do during pressing times. If you make the wrong call then they could potentially die.

Man of Medan added a coop feature and a movie night mode allowing multiple people to play at once. This game would be perfect for a Halloween party with a handful of friends. Gather everyone around the television and try to survive a ghost ship using your own fears against you. The game features several different characters who all have their personalities and desires. It is up to the player to make their choice via a moral compass. Will you decide with your heart or your mind?

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These are our five recommendations to play this Halloween, but let us know what scary games you like to play to get you in the spooky spirit.