5 truly terrifying horror games from 2019 to play this Halloween

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Blair Witch

Blair Witch received a lot of talk this year. From its announcement trailer at E3 to its release back in August, this game got a lot of attention. Many got day-one access to it when it hit the Xbox Game Pass library, but you may have missed out on this creepy tale.

The game is developed by Blooper Team. This studio also developed the Layers of Fear games so you know they have experience in the horror genre.

Blair Witch takes place two years after the events of the first movie in 1996. You play as a retired detective Ellis Lynch to find a lost boy. Lynch brings his trusty German Shepherd, Bullet, along for the ride. The two travel through the forest together in order to find the lost boy. Keeping Bullet close to you is essential because Lynch’s state of mind changes if he is too far. You could consider Bullet his emotional support animal. So, download this game today to travel the spooky woods and pet the adorable German Shephard.