5 truly terrifying horror games from 2019 to play this Halloween

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Layers of Fear 2

Layers of Fear 2 released back in May of this year with an even scarier plot. It is arguably the scariest horror game on this list.

The first installment of this series, Layers of Fear, took players into the mind of a deranged painter. He was obsessed with getting his masterpiece done and it is up to the player to do it their way. This horror game is primarily a walking simulator but gives gamers plenty of psychedelic visions to glare at. It also has an eerie way of instilling discomfort in some scenes.

Layers of Fear 2 sticks to its predecessor’s formula of placing players in the shoes of an actor on an ocean liner. The actor wakes up on this empty ship and it is up to the player to uncover what happened. There are numerous plot lines to follow in which they all intertwine in fun ways. The game also features spectacular visuals like the previous game.

Layers of Fear 2 was well-received among critics and its release was relatively quiet so there is a good chance you skipped over this terrifying masterpiece.