5 truly terrifying horror games from 2019 to play this Halloween

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From Resident Evil to Layers of Fear, get into the spooky feeling Halloween season by playing these five horror games.

October is in full swing and that means Halloween will soon be upon us. If horror movies or haunted houses are not scary enough then maybe these five horror games can scratch the frightful itch. We understand that these lists come out all the time and so we are keeping to recently released games to keep the list from being redundant. All five of these games have different play styles from the last so at least one will fit your kind of gaming preference.

Games excluded from this list have most likely been listed elsewhere. If you are a fan of horror games then you will have most certainly played games like Outlast, P.T., and Resident Evil 7. These games are exceptional horror games, but you know that already. Plus, the aforementioned games have been out for some time. The following list will be recently released games that you may have missed throughout the year.