Warframe: Atlas Prime relic farming and build guide

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Atlas Prime is now available in Warframe. Follow this guide to farm his relics and build the 26th Prime Warframe.

Arriving on PC this week was the heavy-hitting Atlas Prime. As per usual, there are multiple ways to acquire the game’s 26th Prime Warframe, one being a direct purchase through the game’s store.

Alternatively, you can acquire Atlas Prime by farming his relics and building it yourself. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult and we’ve even got a guide for the relics you’ll need to farm and where to get them.

Atlas Prime Relics & Farming Guide

To build Atlas Prime, you’ll first need to farm for the relics containing his various components. Here are the relics you’ll need for each component:

Blueprint – Common – Lith D1

The Atlas Prime blueprint is a common drop from Lith D1 relics You can farm this from Hepit in the Void, a really quick Capture mission that guarantees a Lith relic upon completion.

Chassis – Uncommon – Meso E3

The Atlas Prime Chassis blueprint is an uncommon drop from Meso E3 relics. You can farm this from Io on Jupiter, a defense mission that drops Meso relics on rotation A, which means you’ll want to stay for ten waves and then extract.  Meso relics also have a chance to drop from Ukko in the Void, a capture mission.

Neuroptics – Rare – Axi A6

The Atlas Prime Neuroptics blueprint is a rare drop from the Axi A6 relic. This can be farmed in Marduk, a five-minute sabotage mission in the Void. You can kill two birds with one stone with this mission, as it also drops Neo A3 relics.

Systems – Uncommon – Neo A3

The Atlas Prime Systems blueprint is an uncommon drop from the Neo A3 relic. The good news here is that you can farm Neo A3 relics at the same time as Axi A6, as these also drop from Marduk in the Void.

Atlas Prime Manufacturing

Once you have the correct blueprints, you can begin manufacturing them to build Atlas Prime. Here are the requirements for each:

Neuroptics (12 hours)

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Neural Sensors
  • 525 Cryotic
  • 4,700 Salvage
  • 200 Oxium

Chassis (12 hours)

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Tellurium
  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 725 Rubedo
  • 3,600 Ferrite

Systems (12 hours)

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 4 Gallium
  • 1,200 Polymer Bundle
  • 3,200 Alloy Plate

Once all three components are complete, you can build Atlas Prime which requires an additional 25,000 Credits, 5 Orokin Cell and 72 hours build time.