Cyberpunk 2077: 5 games to play while waiting for CD Projekt Red’s massive RPG

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Dishonored (Series)

I always tell people who have not played the Dishonored series to give it a try. It features complex combat with a simple story.

The world is dark and gloomy which will set the tone for the upcoming sci-fi RPG. Combat features a wide range of options. You can run and gun killing everyone or you could stealthily knock out everyone. You can focus your time on equipment or your abilities. Depending on what you focus on will determine your play style.

And, each game has different endings so the replay value is high.

The Dishonored series is relatively linear; however, each level has large areas to explore. You can find money, collectibles, and equipment upgrades by doing so. The series also has a very unique art style. It is a strange mixture of steampunk, victorian, and gothic horror which is a wonderful masterpiece.

All three games are available in a bundle and will give you plenty of playtime until the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.