Most anticipated games of October 2019: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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The Outer Worlds – October 25 – PC, PS4, Xbox One (Switch coming later)

The Outer Worlds is a sci-fi, role-playing, looter shooter game developed by Obsidian Entertainment — makers of Fallout: New Vegas among other reputable titles.

The game is set in alternate universe which diverges in 1901, when US President William McKinley is not assassinated and as a result Theodore Roosevelt never succeeded him. This allowed large business trusts to dominate society into the future. A colony’s ship goes astray and reaches the edge of colony space. It is there that the player awakens from cryosleep only to find the other passengers are still sleeping. And so the adventure begins and he/she sets off to begin his journey to the nearby colony to investigate the corporations.

As an RPG, the game reacts to the choices the player makes. The Outer Worlds allows the player to create his or her own character with in-depth customization options, and not only cosmetically speaking.

Choices also include how you approach missions or even other NPC characters. Players can choose and recruit companions with their own unique backstories that should also impact your story. These companions aid in fights and missions, with each having their own unique set of skill which can be upgraded as the game proceeds. The game highly depends on and takes different turns depending on the dialogue decisions made by the player.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, The Outer Worlds is easily one of the best options coming in October.