Most anticipated games of October 2019: PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – October 25 – PC, Xbox One, PS4

Call of Duty is another one of those franchises which needs no introduction. With the reboot (or reimagined) version of the Modern Warfare sub-series, Infinity Ward and Activision are all set for the release of the game on October 25.

COD is a first-person shooter known for its fast-paced gameplay and giant set pieces. With this reboot version of COD, Activision is bringing cross-platform multiplayer to help grow the community. The game is making use of a brand new engine, allowing for the use of more detailed environments, advanced rendering, better volumetric lighting and the use of ray tracing.

The fan-favorite Captain Price will be returning. For the first part of the game we are a Metropolitan Police Sergeant and for latter half a CIA officer.

Some of the controversial aspects of the game were removed prior to its release to prevent any emotional discomfort. Following previews at E3 in June, the game was subjected to some controversy regarding the mature content, like presenting child as soldiers and the ability to shoot the civilians. With all the mixed reactions, the developers chose the safe path and I think they made the right choice.

At the end of the level, players are assessed based upon the moral choices they made and how many civilians were injured or killed, also referred to as threat assessment. Rankings range from A to F based on the performance in the mission.

Character dialogue changes depending on the situation and choices made. To make the game more realistic, tactical choices are also included and the HUD is also removed.

In multiplayer, we’re getting a new online mode known as “Ground Wa,r” which allows for 100 players. Another new mode “Gunfight” pits two teams of two players against each other. This mode offers almost all of the guns of the COD with the choice of a large number of attachments to choose from.

Call of Duty may release annually, but it is a game which one can never get bored of, no matter how many times they play it. And we’re excited to see what Modern Warfare looks like rebooted.