Nintendo Switch new game releases for October 2019

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From Luigi’s Mansion 3 to the arrival of acclaimed hits such as Overwatch and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, check out some of the big games coming to Nintendo Switch in October 2019.

It’s hard to believe there’s just one week left until we flip the calendar page to October. Next month sees the release of multiple AAA blockbusters for the Nintendo Switch, including Overwatch and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

But October is all about the spooks and nothing is more fitting for Halloween than the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3. If you’re looking for something even more terrifying, then Resident Evil 5 and 6 will also be arriving on the portable console.

Check out some of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest game releases coming in October 2019.

BurgerTime Party! – October 8

100 stages of platforming puzzles and arcade action, BurgerTime Party! looks like an intense little game that is perfect for either single-player or cooperative gameplay.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition – October 15

This is somewhat of a weird one considering the nature of the Nintendo Switch, but I guess at this point Blizzard is just trying to grow the Overwatch community in any way possible. Though the game is now three years old, a Switch release could breathe some new life and excitement into the team-based multiplayer shooter. I’m still not sold on how good of a fit the Switch is for this type of game, so it’ll be interesting to see if it picks up traction.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition – October 15

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was the winner of numerous Game of the Year awards… back when it released in 2015. Four years later, is there anyone left who hasn’t already played the game? I guess one cool thing about it being on the Switch is that you are able to bring it with you on the go.

Little Town Hero – October 16

Developed and published Game Freak, Little Town Hero is an intriguing role-playing game. Little Town Hero has a unique approach to the genre, removing the level grind so often found in other titles. Instead, it’s battle system is said to rely on “coming up with new ideas and strategies.” I guess instead of grinding to become powerful enough to defeat bosses, you’ll be able to do so with a good strategy.

Disgaea 4 Complete+

A re-release of 2011’s tactical role-playing game, Disgaea 4 Complete+ will launch on the Switch with all of the bells and whistles: additional scenarios, characters and DLC never released in the west.

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash

A fast-paced take on the Harvest Moon franchise, Mad Dash is a farming frenzy in which you must harvest, fish, milk and perform other activities throughout various puzzle stages.

Resident Evil 5 & 6 – October 29

Besides Luigi’s Mansion 3 (releasing on Halloween) is there a better series to play during the month of October than Resident Evil? At this point, just about everyone has played or at least heard of Resident Evil, so I don’t really think this one needs much explaining.

Vampyr – October 29

Released for most platforms in 2018, Donnod’s action role-playing game will arrive on Nintendo Switch next month.  Set in 1918 London, you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-vampire who is tasked with saving the city. Vampyr was met with average reviews upon release.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – October 31

How much better does it get than celebrating Halloween with the spooktacular Luigi’s Mansion 3? Similar to Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, the game sees Luigi exploring a large, haunted hotel in search of his friends. Wielding the upgraded Poltergust G-00, you’ll have to overcome puzzles, obstacles and ghosts while traversing the floors of this ominous hotel.

Some other notable Switch game releases for October include:

  • YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (Oct. 1)
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (Oct. 4)
  • The Alliance Alive HD Remastered (Oct. 8)
  • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince (Oct. 8)
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Oct. 8)
  • River City Melee Mach!! (Oct. 10)
  • Doraemon Story of Seasons (Oct. 11)
  • Killer Queen Black (Oct. 11)
  • Ring Fit Adventure (Oct. 18)
  • Raging Loop (Oct. 22)
  • Dusk Diver (Oct. 24)
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD (Oct. 29)

Which Nintendo Switch games are you most excited for in October?