How to transfer saves from Nintendo Switch to Switch Lite and vice versa

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With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can now more easily play your games on the go. Here’s how to transfer your games between console devices.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, gamers now have the option to purchase a console that can function mainly as their “on-the-go” device, allowing them to keep their standard Switch connected to the television at home. While the regular Switch is designed to be a hybrid console, the Switch Lite is solely for mobile purposes; it’s lighter, smaller and more compact, making it optimal for travel.

If you’re someone who plans on owning both a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Switch Lite, then you’re going to want to make use of save transferring between consoles so you can continue your progress either on-the-go or at home with no interruption. Here’s how to easily transfer save data between the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, and vice versa.

Cloud Saved Data

If you’re subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, then you have access to Nintendo’s Cloud, where you can easily save and retrieve your game data to the cloud as opposed to the system itself. This is by far the easiest way to access your save data between the Switch and Switch Lite.

Game data automatically saves to the cloud when you have an internet connection and linked to your Nintendo Account. You can access it by signing in on the system in which you want to play on.

However, not every game supports cloud saving and there are multiple ways to identify which games do not. Also, if you’re not a paying Nintendo Switch Online member, then you don’t have access to Nintendo’s cloud saving anyway.

Transferring Save Data Between Consoles

If you aren’t a Nintendo Switch Online member or the game you’re playing doesn’t support cloud saving, you’ll have to transfer your save data the traditional way. Don’t worry it’s not hard. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Home Menu” of the Switch that has the latest save file that you want to transfer. Select “System Settings” –> “Data Management” –> “Transfer Your Save Data.”
  2. Press “Send Save Data to Another Console” and choose the account.
  3. Select the game save data that you want to transfer and choose “Send Save Data.”
    • Warning: The data will be erased from the current Switch console.
  4. Go to the “Home Menu”of the Switch that you wish to load the save data file onto. Select “Data Management” –> “Transfer Your Save Data.”
  5. Select “Receive Save Data.”
    • Note: You’ll have the option to Overwrite Save Data if it already exists on that account.
  6. Once the transfer is complete, press “OK” and you should be ready to play your game with the latest save file on the desired Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is available for $199, while an original Switch retails for $299.