8 games worth trying if you enjoy Borderlands 3

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If you’re addicted to the looter shooter mechanics of Borderlands 3, then you should definitely check out these eight other games.

From the developers of Gearbox Software comes another installment of the Borderlands, released on September 13. Borderlands 3 opened with a great start, with the PC player count almost double to that of the all time peak for Borderlands 2. And that’s with it being an Epic Store exclusively until April 2020.

Borderlands is a role-playing, action, first-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on loot (hence the nickname “looter shooter”). The game mechanics are designed in Unreal Engine 4. You have to choose between the four basic categories of roles namely soldier, hunter, stealth-assassin and a berserker. These people are vault hunters who are searching for the secret vault of Pandora containing alien tech, money and all the riches you can imagine. Loot anything which is useful to you on way to the Pandora’s vault, buy gears, upgrade your character and their abilities and defeat the bosses. While the majority of fun comes from the combat, there’s a cool storyline so you won’t be bored along the way. If you think you are good enough, go to the online arena and test your skill against the other players. So lets jump in and go on a trip to Pandora.

But what about after you beat Borderlands 3? If you’re addicted to the shooting-looting mechanics of the franchise and want more, here are some games worth checking out.


Warframe is a free to play co-op, third-person action-shooter with RPG elements. Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe sees players control members of an ancient warrior race who have woken from centuries of cryo sleep and find themselves surrounded by a war of different factions of a planetary system. These warriors make use of their special warframes and weapons to get the job done.

Warframe offers missions with gradual progression levels as well as missions with large open areas with lot of choices for the players. The main feature of this game includes lot of shooting action, parkour, stealth, role-playing, super cool animation of warfarmes, unique enemies and environments along with an ever-expanding story line.

The game requires players to complete missions for progress which takes them to different locations like across planets and moons in a solar system. So while you play the game, you can take the feel of lots of different environments. Missions can be played alone or with up to four players in co-op.