Five games to play if you liked Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

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#1. Until Dawn

Some games offer the mystery, some games offer the same consequence of choice, some games offer the horror you find in Man of Medan; but, if you really want a game that offers all that in one package, go back to Supermassive Games breakout hit Until Dawn.

Only Until Dawn offers the same everyone can live or everyone can die gameplay filled with choices that can save you or damn you with arguably a better horror element than is found in Man of Medan.

Until Dawn takes place in another classic horror setting: a remote cabin in the woods where a terrible tragedy took place. There’s a group of dumb, beautiful teens alone in the woods with someone or something trying to stalk and kill them. Until Dawn is definitely filled with horror tropes but it revels in them and through your choices you can occasionally turn those tropes on their heads.

This is honestly one of my favorite cinematic adventure games I’ve played. My only big complaint is that there are sections where you have to keep the controller perfectly still; if it moves in the slightest, someone will probably be killed.  Very often I kept perfectly still or even just placed the controller down and it detected movement anyways. It resulted in someone dying. It felt incredibly unfair, and there should just be an option to turn that off. Otherwise, Until Dawn is an excellent double bill with Man of Medan if you are having some friends over for a fun horror game type of evening or even just playing by yourself (assuming you can sleep afterward).

And there are five games to try if you liked Man of Medan. Are there any other narrative-focused games you’d highly recommend people try out? Let us know in the comments below.