Five games to play if you liked Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

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#2. The Walking Dead

Poor Telltale Games. They kind of hit their peak right out of the gate. It was a downward slide from then on until their sudden demise a year ago. A lot of their catalog has just disappeared as well, with many of the games being licensed properties.

However, thanks to Skybound Games, their first and arguably most impressive effort remains available and all in one convenient package just recently released. The Walking Dead, loosely based on the comic of the same name, was considered a revelation in narrative gameplay when it originally released in 2012. A winner of many Game of the Year Awards – even over much bigger productions – Telltale’s The Walking Dead blew people away with its focus on making impactful choices that seemed to have real consequences that would alter the story.

Fast forward seven years later and I feel like the wool was somewhat pulled over people’s eyes and it really showed in subsequent Telltale Games releases. Some choices mattered in some small capacity, but ultimately The Walking Dead was telling a set story that was going to really play out roughly the same regardless of the choices you were making.

That doesn’t mean The Walking Dead isn’t a compelling story to see, though. And what choices would you make in such a dire world with incredibly dire circumstances? It doesn’t always pay to be the hero or the shining knight; sometimes that will really come back to haunt you. Despite your choices not mattering nearly as much as the game implies, The Walking Dead remains a well-written, acted and occasionally gut-wrenching experience that is pretty much peak Telltale Games.