Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Ingrid and Sylvain

Ever since I’ve seen the cutscene showcasing Garreg Mach with Ingrid nudging Sylvain away from her, I had to find out what was up. And shockingly, I didn’t get these two paired together in the end (thanks Dorothea). However, Ingrid and Sylvain’s support offers a lot to take in, and I loved every second of it.

Their C support starts with Ingrid asking Sylvain what she is to him, referring to the womanizer’s ways of flirting with women. When Sylvain mentions that she is a friend, Ingrid remarks on how she has to clean up after his skirt-chasing. The son of Gautier even made a move on Ingrid’s grandmother! That got an uncomfortable but good laugh out of me.

Ingrid even mentions something about making eyes at a scarecrow. Fun fact: in the Japanese version of this support conversation, it was implied that Sylvain flirted with a cross-dressing man.  And that was not even all, as Ingrid mentions about the daughter of Lord Gwendal and the fact that she had to make peace with him to make sure Sylvain doesn’t get in trouble.

This goes to show that despite Sylvain’s crazy antics on hitting on ladies, Ingrid does her best to make sure nothing bad happens to him. It must be tiring having to deal with all of it, but Ingrid is a capable woman.

The B support acts as a follow-up, and it has Sylvain mentioning that he’s restrained himself. Who bought this? Not me, and definitely not Ingrid either. The heiress of House Daphnel does bring up a good point in telling Sylvain that the more he hurts people, the more actions that will bite him in the end. This follows up with Ingrid talking about her late fiancé Glenn (Felix’s older brother).

The redhead respectfully apologizes and mentions that Ingrid couldn’t even function after Glenn’s death. But once he mentioned about flirting with girls again, the blonde states that his predictability was too easy. After Ingrid finished mourning, her concern went to Sylvain of all people. But she mentions this because she doesn’t want Sylvain to act calm from the thought of getting hurt or killed.

While their two A supports do get better, the B support is my favorite for these two, as the meaning of having someone leave you too soon is heartbreaking. Ingrid has a good heart and while Sylvain can’t help himself with his flirtatious nature, he does listen.

The A support then cuts to Ingrid training with Sylvain coming by, and as usual, the blonde says that there is nothing to flirt with. She even roasted him by saying he’s ridiculous as his face, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. The two start training and then Sylvain tells Ingrid that he wants her to be near him on the battlefield.

His reasoning is endearing as he wants her to be safe. The Daphnel heiress also states that she wouldn’t be able to bear having the Gautier heir die when she’s not around. Their conversation then off with telling each other to always remain friends forever.

The next part in their A support takes an interesting turn. Before training, Ingrid was going to town to get supplies, but Sylvain stops her and mentions that she has gotten prettier over the five years. Ingrid was definitely not the ladylike type, so for her to wear makeup was quite a change. As they banter on why she’s wearing makeup, Sylvain teases her and asked if it was for him.

And funnily enough, he managed to save himself from getting beat up by her by mentioning she’s beautiful. Ingrid actually enjoyed the compliment and it marks the end of their conversation. This would have been the perfect way to slowly start a relationship after the war, and hopefully, in a future playthrough, I can get these two paired up.