Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Ashe and Annette

The Ashe and Annette support is on this list mostly due to how adorable they are when they interact.  With Annette and Ashe’s optimistic personalities, they have a natural chemistry and make their conversations entertaining.

Their C support has them studying together about strategy in combat, which is somewhat meta for the game itself. And a funny thing: math might not be needed for most people after finishing school, Annette states that mathematicians were vital to the Battle of the Wall of Fódlan! She also brings a good point that studying will help gain an advantage, and that does hold up for any situation.

The B support takes place after Ashe’s adopted father, Lonato, is killed from planning a rebellion against the Church of Seiros. While Ashe is not in mourning, his conversation with Annette does bring more history behind Annette’s upbringing. She mentions that her father Gilbert left without saying a word to her or her mother.

She also tells Ashe that her reason for coming to study at Garreg Mach was to find more information on her father’s whereabouts. Before being able to afford to come to the academy, she was studying at the school of sorcery until she could get a recommendation to attend Garreg Mach. While the B support mostly focuses on Annette, Ashe acts as a great listener and admires her dedication to studying, and decides to follow her methods.

The first part of the A support has the duo clean out an ancient tower, and we get to see Ashe’s fear of ghosts come into play despite five years passing. Strange noises were coming out of the tower and the two are scaredy cats, but the voice acting makes the situation they’re in hilarious and worrying. After managing to get out of the tower, Annette realizes that the doll her father gave her is missing.

The second part of the A support honestly has sweet feels. Ashe manages to get Annette’s doll back and the latter is extremely thankful. The former thief mentions that he’s glad to see and help make the redhead smile while mentioning that he’s a grown man afraid of ghosts. Annette argues this and proclaims Ashe that he was brave to do something like that. She then mentions that Ashe will become a great knight, giving the young man hope for his dream.

This support shows the great bond between the two and as I have these two in their paired ending, it is adorable to think of Annette being a wonderfully supportive wife to Ashe for becoming a knight.