Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Byleth and Dimitri

Even though I mentioned in my Black Eagles list that Byleth does not add a lot of impact to the Three Houses’ cast in support conversations, that is not entirely true in some cases. Like with Edelgard, Byleth leaves a huge impact on Dimitri as the Blue Lions story progresses. It might not be as shocking story-wise, but this support helps Dimitri grow throughout the story.

The C support displays Dimitri as a humble and caring person, teaching swordsmanship to the orphans at the monastery. Sadly, since Dimitri is busy with being Byleth’s student and doing errands for Garreg Mach, he does not have a lot of time to teach the orphans swordsmanship and whatnot.

He also gives a part of his backstory, explaining that his birth mother died after he was born, just like Byleth. He also does not get along with his uncle, but he does have Rodrigue, Felix’s father, as a second father to him. I feel so much pity for him, even more so when facing against him in my Black Eagles playthrough.

The B support mentions first hand that Byleth is invited by Dimitri to dinner, and expressed his gratitude to them. Dimitri is curious about Byleth’s role as a mercenary and mentions about killing. Depending on your choice (in my case, I said it was never easy), Dimitri confesses that he does not carry the burden of killing well, with his case of quelling a rebellion.

Dimitri admits that despite killing the rebel leader, he was always aware that the leader was a real person who had someone to come home to, evident with a locket of someone’s lock of hair. After Byleth mentions that it’s either normal to feel that way or they’ve always felt that way, Dimitri thanks them for and completely trusts him with his heart.

I find this support wholesome, but it then gets heartbreaking once five years pass and Dimitri turns bloodthirsty and demented. That’s why it made sense that no one, even Byleth can support him until the death of an important character happens.

Out of the supports, the A rank is my favorite. As it takes place after an assassination attempt on Dimitri occurred and he could have easily been angered from that, but he is rather calm. The shocking twist in this support is that the one who tried to kill him was an orphan he taught swordsmanship from the monastery.

A quote that left shivers down my spine was from Dimitri, and he said, “I have taken so many lives…and with each one I face hatred.” Even with all that he has done, he shoulders the burden of his sins will live with them for the rest of his life. To see him develop this much really puts him on a high pedestal for being one of the best characters in Three Houses, let alone the entire Fire Emblem series.

Regarding the S support, even though I married Felix instead, Dimitri’s confession is incredibly heartwarming and beautiful. It fully develops Dimitri from bearing with his dark past to coming to acceptance and moving forward to the future. Once I play the Blue Lions route again, I will definitely choose Dimitri as my S support partner.