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Child of Light

Child of Light is one of the best RPGs to come out in recent memory. Blending a Final Fantasy-esque combat system with side-scrolling exploration, the game is a wonderful example of a small title that meets its grand ambitions.

The game follows Aurora, a child who dies in her sleep and awakens in another world. She befriends a firefly named Igniculus (displaying a painful lack of social awareness in the process) and sets out to discover why she is there. Every character in the story speaks in rhymes. It reinforces the fairy tale nature of the story and while it something you can take or leave, there’s something endearing in the attempt to tell a story this way.

The rhyming changes throughout the game, too. Most dialogue is delivered in ballad form with the second and fourth lines having matching syllable endings. A smattering of iambic meters are used as well and the collectible confessions are written in sonnet form. Despite the variety of forms, none of them seem out of place among the others.

Child of Light has an incredibly deep skill system that allows for a variety of playstyles and strategies. Players can opt for a more melee-focused strategy, a ranged approach or keep themselves and party members alive through Igniculus.

Using Igniculus makes the game’s combat almost too easy. Not only can players use it to keep party members alive, Igniculus can also slow down enemies and allow players to get in multiple attacks unimpeded. On top of this, players control it independently from Aurora. That allows players to do multiple things at once during combat and it feels like the game is a little too easy even in its later stages. Despite that minor gripe, the game is well worth playing.