TFT (Teamfight Tactics) 9.17: Best individual champions

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Following the release of TFT patch 9.17, here’s the updated tier list for the strongest individual champions and some items that are good on them.

TFT (Teamfight Tactics) is all about adapting to the circumstances. Sure, with each patch you have the “best team comps” to build towards, but you have to get there first. That means adjusting on the fly. For we are all subjected to the RNG gods in TFT.

Patch 9.17 actually didn’t contain many balance changes to individual champions. Sure, there were a few, but nothing to really disrupt the previous tier list. There was, of course, the addition of Pantheon who turns out, is actually very strong. That’s just par for the course with Riot and new champions though.

As I mentioned, TFT does have its strong team comps, but half the strategy of the auto battler is knowing which champions to have at which stage of the game. Follow this tier list for the strongest champions in TFT patch 9.17.

Now it’s important to note that certain champions excel only during specific portions of the match. Some champions have a strong early game but fall off at the end. That’s where the whole rotation aspect of TFT comes into play. Below are the champions that I feel are strong, or adequate, throughout the entirety of a match and are good to build a team around.

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Early game, Lucian is a beast. He’s a relatively cheap unit at just 2g and the Gunslinger trait is pretty easy to access early on. Nobles have been nerfed in recent patches, making Lucian a little less effective late game, but he’s still a solid unit to have if you go Gunslinger (combined with a Jinx or Tristana). In my opinion, I think Lucian is pretty underrated as he can carry you fairly far into a game. I like him with Statikk Shiv and Cursed Blade as his ability to fire multiple shots with the Gunslinger perk means you could de-level and enemy unit.


Like Lucian, she’s strong early on thanks to the easy achievability to Gunslinger. Midgame, if you can get 4 Gusnlingers onto the board, Tristana will still excel. She falls off a bit end game, but she’s not the worst option if you can’t get a Jinx.


As I previously mentioned in my comp list, assassins are back. Kha’Zix falls off late game, but he’s got a very strong early and mid-game thanks to the Void and Assassin buff. If you’re going Ninja/Assassin, you’ll probably want to replace him late game, but definitely ride him until then.


As a 4g unit, Akali isn’t available until mid-game. But she’s a high-value Assassin/Ninja combo, a core piece in one of the best team comps in TFT right now. She can definitely carry a team.


Draven is probably the best champion in the game right now. Even a 1-star Draven with some items and Imperial buff can deal some crazy damage. Although Nobles have been nerfed, they can combine with Draven to form a deadly team comp that can carry you into the top four. Late game, you want to have a fully stacked Draven protected by some meaty tanks.


Another hyper carry, Jinx is probably just slightly lower than Draven in terms of overall power. But she can still carry your team to victory. Think of her as the poor man’s Draven. She’s strong, but just not as strong.


I really like Leona as a tank late game. While her stun duration at 2-stars was lowered, seven seconds is still enough time to provide your carries a chance do some work. Late game, she’s essential if you are going Nobles comp.


A Yordle, Elementalist and Ninja, Kennen fills many roles and fits into many team comps. His versatility makes him strong, but his AOE ultimate makes him stronger. With the right team comp, Kennen can dominate the late game and his ultimate can definitely win you fights if he lives long enough.


Gnar is finally back in a good place. He’s got amazing crowd control and with items, he can easily become the strongest tank in the game.


Her ultimate is one of my favorite. Glacial comps may not be as strong as they once were, but she essentially has it built into her ultimate. She’s able to soak up damage and freeze multiple enemies.


Introduced in the most recent patch 9.17, Pantheon is a 5g Dragon/Guardian. With either buff, he’s strong, but honestly, he’s strong on his own. I’ve seen three-item Pantheon’s dominate an entire round and win the game for players. Like most newly released champions, Pantheon was very strong upon release. Even a mid-patch nerf didn’t completely bring him back down to Earth.


Kayle has long been one of the strongest and most effective champions in TFT. Besides being a Noble, she has one of the best ultimates in the game as she can block all damage for a duration of time on an ally champion.


The only Exile in the game, Yasuo is a late-game 5g champion. Best on his own, Yasuo is able to distract and stun multiple enemies. He’s most effective when paired with Draven thanks to the Blademaster potential.