NBA 2K20: Breaking down the new additions to Neighborhood

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NBA 2K20’s Neighborhood features were announced, and it looks like it has a lot of new additions, including changing of seasons.

NBA 2K20 is continuing its Neighborhood feature which replaced MyPARKs in NBA 2K18, and a trailer showcases some of the new things that will come into play. Some of the things include the changing of seasons (so you can finally hoop it up in snow while wearing that Santa hat you love) as well as some new themed events.

The Neighborhood itself is the same as in 2K19 however, for those who were expecting something new. That said, by peeking at the trailer, there seem to be some minor changes, such as some new stores (?).

It also looks like they brought back MyPARK style courts (although not in their own parks like in the past). In the trailer, you’ll notice courts that have Old Town, Sunset Beach and Rivet City on them, although this could just be for certain events.

Speaking of which, Park Rep is back, so you can earn rewards from building your rep through playing Park games in NBA 2K20. This is a welcoming returning feature, and I assume you will be able to build this up by playing games in the Under Armour Cages as well, which is also back.

Events like Dodgeball have returned as well. Interestingly, Dodgeball, in particular, got itself a makeover with a “Rodeo” version of it which takes place in a Western-style setting.

You see plenty of new themes as well such as a carnival type of event, a Big Head Mode and even an event where you’re balling in the middle of a race track with cars racing around you.

Just taking a wild guess, but the carnival setting could be a nod to Old Town which had a Park with that kind of setting for two straight years. I should know this, being an Old Towner every year (Flyers for life).

Another noticeable event is disc golf. What’s interesting about the addition is that it sounds like it’s permanent, and not part of “2K Compete”. It will be nine holes (or baskets) and each one is scattered around the Neighborhood in NBA 2K20.

This is a refreshing addition to the game and a cool way to introduce gamers to a fun new sport. By having Capture the Flag and Dodgeball in there already, it’s showing that 2K is expanding outside of basketball without taking away the essence of what the game is all about: hoops.

I think that it’s great that they’re branching out to include more things aside from basketball. NBA 2K is one of the biggest games out there and manages to be deep every year, so it’s fitting for them to add the unexpected.

There also seems to be a new store or two in the Neighborhood as well. Glimpsing closely at one sign, it looked like the 2K Zone, first featured in NBA 2K18.

If that’s the case, then it would be another returning item to the online open world in NBA 2K20. The 2K Zone featured mini basketball machines and Blacktop arcade machines among other things.

I doubt that it’s the 2K Zone, but seeing a blurry sign in red and white made me think it was a 2K related spot. I also doubt it’s Footlocker which has similar colors as the 2K logo, but of course, you know Footlocker is going to be in there anyway.

You see another mysterious place called Roenin’s Late Night Ramen which undoubtedly has to either be a part of an event or, just for aesthetics. Perhaps this is where you eat to get your turbo boost back up (kidding).

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There hasn’t been a huge amount of info on what things are coming to the Neighborhood, but there was a good appetizer through the trailer and blog post. Judging from what I’ve seen, I think 2K did a very good job of updating the world with new content, as well as changing up the look of certain events.

Yes, I know that they didn’t change the look of the entire Neighborhood. However, adding new events, bringing back Park Rep, and adding things like seasons and new animations help make up for that a big way.

Next year, I can see them making a big change to the Neighborhood. But, in the meantime, all of the stuff that they’ve added could be satisfying in NBA 2K20.