National PUBG League: Phase 3 preview and predictions

National PUBG League & fortyseven communications (fortyseven)
National PUBG League & fortyseven communications (fortyseven) /
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National PUBG League & fortyseven communications (fortyseven)
National PUBG League & fortyseven communications (fortyseven) /

Throughout PUBG Esports, nine pro league regions are preparing for the most important phase of the year. The National PUBG League makes its return for Phase 3 on Saturday, September 7.

The National PUBG League (NPL) hosts the best players across North America and witnessed an array of changes during its recent break. From NPL relegation, roster announcements, to organizations entering and exiting the league, there’s a lot to catch up on if you haven’t tuned in since the end of Phase 2.

It’s routine for teams to make adjustments following a phase. This period is commonly referred to as “roster royale” due to the amount of player shuffling. Considering every squad will undoubtedly face some sort of adversity during the lengthy pro league format, any troubles within the team are brought to light and addressed at the end of the phase. So, heading into what is easily the most important phase of their season, it’s understandable to see a break loaded with roster changes.

Though rosters weren’t the only thing to change over the break. It was announced that the jungle-coated terrain of Sanhok will make its competitive debut during Phase 3. PUBG’s smallest and fastest-paced map is set to be played competitively for the first time alongside Erangel and Miramar. Playing all three maps creates more variety for the viewers, and PUBG believes that Sanhok can help bridge the gap between players competitive and casual.

The decision to add Sanhok was met with a substantial amount of criticism from pro players, casters and fans who felt the map in its current state lacks many important competitive features. Nevertheless, PUBG Esports stands beside their decision of adding the map to SUPER settings (Standard Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset), and it will be interesting to see exactly how often the map is played compared to the others. Personally, I’m excited to watch the very best players grapple and overcome a map that drastically contrasts Erangel and Miramar. The winner of Phase 3 could very well be the team that is best prepared to tackle Sanhok.

In addition to the league prize pool, this phase presents teams with an opportunity to qualify for the PUBG Global Championship. Following the conclusion of Phase 3, the company will wrap-up what has been an enormous inaugural season at the pinnacle of PUBG Esports, held this November in Oakland, California. Qualifying for the PUBG Global Championship is the goal for every team in the NPL, the available spots at this tournament are the reason Phase 3 will bring the most intense action so far. An absurd $2,000,000 prize pool has been designated for the season finale tournament, where the world’s best thirty-two teams will descend on Oakland for a chance to earn their share of the prize pool.

Before Phase 3 of the National PUBG League kicks off on Saturday, September 7th, it helps to know what has changed and what to expect from each of the sixteen teams.