Madden 20 Week 1 roster update scheduled for September 5, faces possible delay by Hurricane Dorian

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With the 2019 NFL season kickoff just days away, EA has finally announced when the week one roster update for Madden 20 will be released. That is if Hurricane Dorian doesn’t mess things up.

With the 2019 NFL season approaching and final preseason roster cuts due today, EA has announced when we can expect the Madden 20 week one roster update to arrive. As expected, the roster update — which will reflect the final 53-man rosters for every team — is scheduled for Thursday, September 5.

However, it’s possible this could be delayed thanks to the powerful Hurricane Dorian threatening Florida. Over on the forums, EA provided some insight into the upcoming content schedule for Madden and Ultimate Team, warning that the impact of Hurrican Dorian on Central Florida, where EA Tiburon is located, could result in delays in the roster update and weekly Ultimate Team programs.

"As many of you know, Hurricane Dorian is in route to hit Central Florida some time early next week. Due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian, both Madden and Madden Ultimate Team content may experience delays."

The good news is that the latest projections have Hurricane Dorian shifting further away from the east coast of Florida, which could mean less damage if it stays over water. But it’s still a powerful storm and the path can change hourly. And as you can see, Orlando is still kind of in the cone of uncertainty, which means the folks over at EA probably have to spend at least some time preparing for a potential disaster. That could mean less time working on the roster update and the hundreds, if not thousands, of roster tweaks that come along with the final 53-man rosters.

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Even if it’s not a direct impact, the tropical storm force winds will likely still be strong and dangerous enough to probably keep a lot of Florida’s businesses shut down on Tuesday.

The deadline for all 32 NFL teams to make their final cuts — trimming the roster from 90 to 53 players — is Saturday, August 31 at 4:00 p.m. ET. But not every team waits for the deadline. Cuts have been happening throughout preseason and the weekend, so hopefully EA has been on top of things.

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In any case, the earliest we should expect the Madden 20 week one roster update is Thursday, September 5, which also happens to be the Thursday Night kickoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.