TFT patch 9.16b: Best champions, items and team comps

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Following the release of small but impactful patch 9.16b for Teamfight Tactics (TFT), we’ve got an updated list of the game’s best champions, items and comps.

Earlier this week, Riot Games released patch 9.16b for Teamfight Tactics (TFT). Though smaller in nature than the bi-weekly, fully-numbered updates, it still contained enough balance changes to shake up the meta of the game.

Brawlers and Nobles, for example, are no longer guaranteed wins. There were nerfs to Draven, Lucian, Kayle and Jinx, but also buffs to Aatrox and Shen.

With this guide, here is what I believe to be the strongest champions and items in the game. I’m putting a little less emphasis on team comp because I do believe TFT is in a point where you can win with a number of team comps. It’s all about mixing and matching the right champions and ensuring you have the best items on them.

TFT is designed to keep you reacting to the RNG you are dealt, not going into a match with a predetermined team comp. Instead, react to the champions and items given to you and build your team around that.

With that in mind, here are the most powerful items and champions in TFT following patch 9.16b.


Yes, Draven was nerfed this patch. His health was reduced from 700 to 650 and his attack damage reduced from 75 to 70.

Honestly, I’ve barely noticed the effects of the nerf. Draven is still incredibly strong, especially with a full build.

I absolutely love Cursed Blade on attack speed champions, and it’s even more effective if you can get three of Blademasters on the board to unlock the trait that grants a 45 percent chance on-hit to attack a target one additional time.

Statikk Shiv, Hush, Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Runaan’s Hurricane, Red Buff and Blood Thirster are all also very good on Draven.

I fully believe TFT is in a place where Gunslingers, Blademasters and Rangers — basically any attack speed hyper carry — are the most powerful champions.


Although Lucian’s Ability Damage was nerfed (150/250/350 ⇒ 100/225/350), he’s still a very powerful champion. He may not scale as well as Draven or Jinx late game, but he can be equally devastating, especially if you put some items on him.

I recommend all of the same items on Lucian as you would put on Draven: Cursed Blade, Statikk Shiv, Hush, Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Runaan’s Hurricane, Red Buff and Blood Thirster.


An end-game Blademaster, Yasuo can do some damage as a standalone unit. In fact, that’s where he excels thanks to his Exile trait. Yasuo is a great distraction who can win some on-one-ones.

If you get him to two stars with items, he’s deadly. And as a Blademaster, he has a natural synergy with Draven, who we already established is one of the most powerful champs in TFT right now. With Yasuo and Draven, all you’d need is one more Blademaster to unlock the buff.


Kayle’s nerf was pretty pointless this patch since it only affects her two-star and three-star variations. Considering she’s an end-game champion, it’s rare you’ll get her to two stars and even more rare to three stars.

Her Shield — which blocks all damage for its duration on the champion it’s placed on — is one of the best abilities in the game. It’s one of the reasons the Noble comp is still strong despite Riot’s best efforts to knock them down a peg.

I like Kayle with Phantom Dancer, Guinsoo’s Rageblde, Ionic Spark or Phantom Dancer.


Vi definitely not the strongest champion in TFT right now, but she definitely has her uses. She’s a great disruptor thanks to Assault and Battery and she can be built tanky to ensure your carries stay alive long enough to deal damage.

Frozen Heart, Warmog’s Armor and Phantom Dancer are all great items for Vi, which can help her stay alive long enough to cause some chaos in the enemy’s backlines.


Jinx was stupidly overpowered before patch 9.16b. Now she’s been brought down to Earth a little bit but is still strong, especially if paired with Vi to unlock the Hextech trait or some Gunslingers. She may not be the automatic win champion she was prior to the patch, but she’s still quite effective. If you get her to two stars with some items, she can still carry your team when pulling out Fishbones.

I recommend Cursed Blade, Guinsoo’s Ragelbade, Rapid Firecannon, Red Buff, or Runaan’s Hurricane.


Karthus was ignored in this patch and I’m thinking that’s just because he’s not as popular as some of these other champions. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t as strong. If you can snag Karthus late game, he’ll provide instant value with his ultimate. It’s strong on its own, but even more effective if you have late-game sorcerer comps.

Put some items on him and keep him alive and he’ll deal some great damage. If he can get off more than one ultimate, then you’ll likely win the round, so position him in a safe spot and get some meat in front of him.

Recommended items include Luden’s Echo, Morellonomican, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Seraph’s Embrace and Spear of the Shojin.


I’m not a huge fan of Glacial team comps right now, but Sejuani is a great unit on her own because of her ultimate. The ability to stun multiple enemies within her Glacial Prison gives your hyper carries more than enough time to deal some serious damage.

Build her tanky with Frozen Heart, Phantom Dancer, Thornmail, Warmog’s Armor or Redemption.


Yordles aren’t overpowered anymore but Kennen is still a great unit on his own, especially since he gets the Ninja buff. But with the right team comp, his ultimate can win you games if he stays alive long enough.

Keep him safe and put some items on him like Rabadon’s Deathcap, Spear of Shojin, Luden’s Echo, Hextech Gunblade or Morellonomicon.


Another nerf to Brawlers make them less powerful, but Blitzcrank on his own is still strong and effective. First off, he gets the Robot bonus each round, which I love. Secondly, his pull can really catch the enemy team off guard.

Because Blitzcrank is still a fairly rare unit, a lot of players still put their strongest character — usually their carry — in the furthest back square. Typically, that’s the one Blitzcrank will pull, meaning a very quick death for them. The ability to focus on the enemy carry and kill them right off the bat can be a game-winner.

Blitzcrank is a disruptor, so I think he does enough without items. But you could Thornmail, Warmog’s Armor or Phantom Dancer for a little survivability.