5 games to play if you liked Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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3. The Banner Saga Trilogy (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS)

High fantasy setting? Check. Turn-based strategy? Check. Characters can die, and it dramatically impacts the game? Check. Essentially if you like your turn-based fantasy with a little more Norse flair to it, you definitely might want to check out The Banner Saga Trilogy. It is three separate games, but they tell one story and are sold in a package deal now so you might as well get the whole thing.

The team behind The Banner Saga Trilogy features a number of former Bioware developers and as you might expect from people who worked on series like Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicMass Effect and Dragon Age, you have to make a lot of choices in The Banner Saga Trilogy. Hard choices. Decisions that might seem like the right thing at the time only to have dire consequences later.

The Banner Saga Trilogy also features pretty incredible animation and artwork, along with a compelling story and deep characters. The world presented is bleak but also beautiful. It’s also brutally difficult, which may be a plus or minus depending on your perspective. If you wanted something with a more serious tone (and arguably a more severe challenge) after finishing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you should definitely give The Banner Saga Trilogy a try.