5 games to play if you liked Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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4. Into the Breach (Nintendo Switch, PC)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be an insanely addicting game, even if you’ve beaten it, you might want to go through it again at least to see what the different paths you could take or try a tougher difficulty. Basically, the game has a ton of potential replay value.

If that replayability to get the most out of your turn-based strategy is king, you definitely want to also check out one of the best games of 2018, Into the Breach. It’s a little more like the modern X-Com series in that it’s a future sci-fi game where you are defending the earth from alien forces, but is still turn-based strategy where you really have to be aware of your enemies, your surroundings and also the consequences of every action you take as your teammates can die and will have to be replaced.

Oddly enough, the thing Into The Breach and Fire Emblem: Three Houses have most in common is something you wouldn’t expect: time travel! In Fire Emblem: Three Houses you have “Divine Pulse,” where you can rewind time a bit to undo a bad decision or even just a turn gone wrong.

Into The Breach takes this idea and makes it so that you can rewind time and just start over, but with one unit carried over to the next timeline. You aren’t expected to beat Into the Breach in one run, you might not even beat it in your 50th, but it stays addicting and has incredibly deep strategic options to really keep you going.

Into the Breach is also more of a bite-sized experience compared to others on this list so while you can spend dozens or even hundreds of hours playing it can be in much shorter sessions making you feel more accomplished getting only say 20-30 minutes at a time in.